Quarles’ new Gallery


Conveniently, Doug was able to paint his own signage!

Congratulations to Doug and Sharon Quarles on the opening of their new Gallery and Studio at 196 E. 4th Street in the heart of “down town” Benson.

The gallery is located in an older historic building with wonderful high ceilings, big front windows, and lots of ambiance.  Doug and Sharon are prolific painters, and the walls are already covered floor to ceiling with wonderful art.  Sharon has some great ideas for drawing in the crowds, and I’m sure their new venture will be a huge success.  Between Doug’s murals, and the new gallery, the Quarles are certainly doing their bit to spread “Art Around Town.”  Do stop by and check it out!!

gallery walls

Lots of room for hanging lots of paintings!

Doug working

Doug working in his new studio space in the back of the building

Sharon minding store

When she’s not painting, Sharon is minding the store

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