June’s “Lunch & Learn”

For our June Lunch and Learn session, Clement Scott gave an excellent presentation on the importance of learning from master painters through the use of doing “master studies.” This is a way to use the art work of a recognized artist as a basis for learning and improving one’s own work. By “copying” a master work, the artist gains insight into the creative process of the master, and can observe how problems were solved, how paint was applied, study the brush strokes, etc.
June L&L 1
June L&L 2
Copying the masters is a time honored practice and one that is used in most art schools. Clement uses these studies to help understand what makes a given painting “work,” and recommends the practice as a useful tool for ANY artist.

For his demonstration, Clement worked with a self-portrait by artist Andrew Zorn to show the process he uses when creating a master study. Clement also used the limited color palette—red oxide, yellow ocher, black and white-established by Zorn. Clement feels that an advantage to using this limited palette for studies is that it allows the painter to concentrate on establishing correct values without the distraction of unlimited color choices.

June L&L 3

Finally, Clement encouraged those attending to always “paint like a millionaire.” In other words, don’t skimp when applying paint to the canvas!

In a little more than one hour of painting (and answering questions from the audience) Clement had created a very credible copy of the original work. Very impressive!

written by Shryl and Linda
Photos by Brenda

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