July Lunch & Learn

Professional photographer and Arts Council member Cheryl Rogos was the presenter at the monthly Lunch and Learn session held at the Benson Museum in July.  We had a standing room only crowd in attendance, with all levels of photographic experience represented, and we were treated to a very informative and interesting program.

So THAT’S what that little button is for!

So THAT’S what that little button is for!

One of the first things Cheryl suggested any photographer should do is to become very familiar with your camera—emphasizing that the place to start is with reading the owner’s manual!  Well really—how obvious; but how many of us have actually done that!!

Cheryl used examples of her own photography to illustrate the different results obtained when the photographer has a thorough understanding of the functions available on the camera.  A striking example was a series of photos showing the different effects obtainable just by changing the white balance setting in the menu selection.  The results were dramatic, and could make the difference between an “ordinary” photo and an outstanding one.

Cheryl also discussed the importance of composition in obtaining a good shot— eliminate background clutter, shoot a familiar subject from an unusual angle, try a telephoto lens; but above all, try to tell a story that will engage the viewer.

There is a good possibility that Cheryl will offer a “hands on” photography workshop –possibly to be held at the Empire Ranch in Sonoita—later this Fall.  We’ll post more information as soon as the details are confirmed.  Meanwhile, everyone be thinking about what you will be entering in the big October Photography Show!!

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